the 90s -  From a young age I had established the fact that I was born a performer.  I guess I could say I took after my professional ballroom dancer grandparents who traveled the world for a living, or my uncle who was the original drummer for the Broadway show "Godspell".  Growing up my hobbies centered around dance, acting and tennis.  I used to put on shows for my grandma in our house as if I was the star of my own broadway ballet.  Enjoyment for me meant forgetting about all the worries in the world and making other people as well as myself smile.  As I got a little older I wondered how I would turn this humble approach at life into a career...  

My mom always encouraged her kids to hold a stable know, the typical become a Doctor/Lawyer spiel.  But not me.  I chose the road less traveled, and decided that I was going to pursue entertainment by using the gifts God gave me.  My creativity and that beautiful gift of Gab!    

Flash forward to 2010 when my life changed for the better.  I took three suitcases, a car full of items and my dog Kirby across the country to California 6 months after my college graduation.  Jumped right into the work force holding down a full-time job at one of the biggest entertainment network's in LA and dove back into red carpet hosting.  

Since moving to LA, I have been blessed to work "beind-the-scenes" with E! Live Events award show season from 2012-2015, filmed a music-dance TV pilot with co-host Ray J, held down the mic and producer chops at PopStopTV Network, and continued to host aftershow recaps for my favorite online network co-founded by Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro, AfterBuzzTV.  

For 2017, if you're into digital media you may see me selling awesome fashion + products on Hip Dot, talking Bar Rescue at ABTV, announcing LIVE for Women of Wrestling, or when flying high on American Airlines thanks to Altitude-Media!

My hope from this point forward is to continue to live out my dreams and help to inspire yours.  

I have a love for all things pop & culture, entertainment and spirituality.  These are constant contributors to my daily ingest!  To me music is honest, reality is far from reality, different cultures broaden our perspectives and humans are unique beings meant to change the world.

1987 - I WAS BORN. My family raised me in the suburbs of New York.  Suffolk County, Long Island to be specific. My dad was a well-respected dermatologist and my mom was studying hard to be a registered nurse.  At 14 years old I lost one of the greatest people and influencers in my life to Diabetes Type 1.  My experiences as a child offered me the opportunity to become something greater than I could've ever imagined.  A strong woman, with a heart of gold looking to make her adolescent dreams turn into a reality.

A SHORT Biography

Gabrielle Loren